Debt Collection Services

Experienced & Professional Debt Collector Agency in Sydney

The Problem

Often your business can have a record sales month, but these figures are not reflected in your cash flow, or bank balance. Why? This is because your clients (Debtors) are either:


Slow at paying;


Are not paying; or


Are not going to pay.

Managing Debtors correctly is a difficult task and requires discipline and constant attention. Often businesses are only equipped to provide their own services and do not have the resources or efficient processes to collect their accounts. When this happens, your debtors build and your chances of receiving the money diminish.

The Complete Solution

At Complete, we are frequently engaged to take over the problem of debtor management and debt collection. We have a variety of industry and problem specific solutions to assist businesses in collecting their outstanding debtors.

If you hand this problem over to us, you can rest in the satisfaction that we will be collecting for you, as efficiently and quickly as possible. We specialise in:

  • Analysis and management of debtor books.
  • Identification of the most pressing debts.
  • Locating hard-to-find debtors.
  • Handling all communication with debtors on your behalf through courteous and professional correspondence.
  • Developing mutually agreeable repayment plans.
  • Process Serving.
  • Developing systems to avoid non-payment and promote pre-payment wherever possible.
  • Debt Collection including Court process.
  • Bankruptcy and Winding up proceedings.
  • Asset Liquidation and Recovery.

With debt collection agents throughout Sydney, we are able to provide an efficient service. We offer debt recovery services suited to companies, businesses and individuals of all industries and sizes. It is possible that Debtors have simply forgotten to make a payment, or many may be prioritising paying other bills. Some may even be experiencing financial difficulties, which can make debt collection even more difficult for a business. At Complete Corporate Services, you can rest in the satisfaction that we’ll be collecting the debts for you if you reach out to us for debt related problems in Sydney.

Are you tired of chasing people for your money and want your debt collections being managed?

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