Family Litigation

At Complete Corporate Services we recognise that traumatic events such as relationship break ups or the death of a family member can be a very emotional time.

The Complete Solution

Lawyers working in this area of law often work in a high pressure environment;

Combine your legal skills with our investigative strengths and you will now have a significant advantage over your adversary. Let us:

  • Discover information that will induce the other party to settle on your client’s terms;
  • Test the veracity of the other party’s contentions throughout the proceedings; undermining their confidence and credibility at every opportunity;
  • Ensure you have a wealth of evidence to support your client’s application;

Our methods can entice a reluctant witness to co-operate. Our silver service. approach guarantees the deponent’s convenience. Promptly finalising the material deters their recanting;

We assist with;

  • The enforcement & execution of orders, service of documents with supporting Affidavits, removal of or collection and or protection of property and your client’s security and safety;
  • Preparation of evidence of criminal offences, including stalking, violent and threatening conduct and engaging law enforcement;
  • Confirmation of the occurrence of separation, reconciliation or other significant events;
  • Identifying, locating and/or verifying property interests;
  • Substantiating negative contributions, including wasted expenditure;
  • Identifying and verifying undisclosed income levels or potential for earning capacity;
  • Exposing fraud, shams, misrepresentations or non-disclosure, relevant to the outcome of proceedings;
  • Discovering extramarital relationships and linking negative consequences;
  • Thorough investigation of new spouses or other relevant persons history, current circumstances or financial interests;
  • Evidence of violent or criminal conduct;
  • Substantiating inappropriate behaviour by a parent or other caregivers;
  • Investigate child at risk issues;
  • Locating;
    • a party relevant to proceedings;
    • abducted children;
    • witnesses;
    • missing persons generally.
  • Supervising contact or handovers.
  • Obtain evidence substantiating a breach of orders or undertakings.
  • Assisting in the execution of orders, including:
    • Anton Pillar Orders;
    • Recovery Orders.
  • Personal or property protection;
  • Conducting interviews, drafting statements or affidavits;
  • Proof of a defecto relationship;
  • Evidence substantiating testator’s capacity, volition or intention;
  • Surveillance solutions;

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