Use of Investigators by the Legal Industry

The course ‘Use of Investigators by the Legal Industry’ is provided by Complete Corporate Services, a licenced investigation firm with a long history of providing support to the corporate and legal sectors. This course contains a series of 10 modules which cover:

  • The history of private investigators and the introduction of investigation services to the legal industry.
  • The services provided by private investigators and how these can be used for specific legal matters.
  • The use of investigation services in specialist areas of law including criminal, commercial, estate, intellectual property, personal injury, domestic violence and family.
  • The law relating to investigations, privilege, telecommunications intercepts and recording, surveillance and covert operations.
  • How lawyers may engage private investigators to conduct due diligence, such as during a commercial transaction or for checking a witness’s credit.
  • The use of surveillance in personal injury, family, commercial, intellectual property, liquidation and criminal defence matters.
  • Intelligence planning, gathering and analysis; how lawyers may utilise investigators for intelligence gathering and analysis for association analysis, analytical flow charting, telephone toll analysis, concealed income analysis, inference development and profiling.
  • Tips for lawyers to identify a good private investigator and strategies to manage private investigators effectively.


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